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Mobile Devices Might Command Attention, However they Do Not Bring in Product Sales like Desktops Currently Generate

Everyone seems to be talking about how fast mobile smartphone devices are capturing a much larger percentage of Internet traffic.

Are Smartphone Internet Users Buying Many Products Online?

The Answer is NO.

Sure smartphone usage is going way up, yet very few of these smartphone users are buying. They are just doing research and 75% of mobile smartphone users are using their smartphones in a retail store, reading product reviews, shopping for better prices to show the brick and mortar retailer, etc.
You can see real evidence of this just by the price of Google Adwords. Why are mobile smartphones Adwords prices 10% of what desktop prices are? In Google Adwords you can set bid adjustments for several different attributes like location and device. So many Google Adwords clients set the mobile smartphone bid adjustment to 50 -90% less than what they are willing to pay for desktop traffic. Many turn the mobile smartphones off completely by setting the bid adjustment to -100% for smartphones. Google still has not separated desktop traffic from tablets in Adwords and most people want Google to do this also. Not as many people buy from tablets as desktops however Google seems to be in denial of this fact and referrences some lame study that is totally incorrect. The market does not lie, and you can see that in Google Adwords Display ads a big difference in desktop vs. tablet sales results.
The following article and graphic will explain this in more detail and it confirms what I have known for a long time.

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